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Together for the future

DIY and gardening just got even greener! Recycled, certified and resource-friendly. 100% PARKSIDE quality – at the best possible price. 

The ECO LINE brings DIY and sustainability together

We produce more than 55% of the products in the PARKSIDE ECO LINE using  packaging waste. To conserve valuable resources, we deliberately use fewer different materials – e.g. less black plastic and thermoplastic rubber.

Woman standing in front of a wooden flower box and planting herbs
A woman cuts a leaf stalk from a tree with hand pruning shears.

Certified product standards

The fact that we primarily process packaging waste for our ECO LINE is certified in accordance with the criteria of the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

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Guaranteed quality

ECO LINE offers you reliable quality, durability, and user-friendliness. Every product is tested and guaranteed for its weather resistance, frost protection, and UV resistance. ECO LINE products do not differ in price to other PARKSIDE products.

A woman plants a bush of mint in a wooden raised bed.

Fewer Resources, 100% PARKSIDE

We want every ECO LINE product to provide you the same quality as the PARKSIDE products already established in the same category. Therefore, we inspect all our products according to the same strict criteria and test their durability in line with established standards. So nothing changes for you in terms of quality. But by choosing ECO LINE you help us to reduce our dependency on raw materials and support a sustainable production cycle.

View of a densely overgrown, sun-drenched forest with the EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD WINNER 2023 logo on it

And the winner is: the ECO LINE

Top of the Class! ECO LINE is the winner* of the prestigious EUROPEAN GREEN AWARD 2023 and was recognized for its ecological quality and its commitment to a sustainable future in Europe.

Produced Using Recycled Material

ECO LINE makes a statement and adds a whole new look to the product range. Pop into your local Lidl or Kaufland store to take a look! Our range of DIY and gardening products made from packaging waste is getting bigger and bigger. 

A pair of secateurs, a shovel and a water distributor with a hose connection lie on a wooden garden table.

Made using recycled plastic from PreZero

Our commitment to greater sustainability goes even further: PARKSIDE products are made using recycled plastic from PreZero. We are therefore giving old packaging from private households a new lease of life. With a bit of luck, you’ll find them at your Lidl or Kaufland store.

A flower box stands on a wooden garden table next to clay pots and wooden crates.

Less plastic, closed loops

The PreZero logo on brown cardboard


We have joined forces to increase sustainability: together with PreZero, the environmental division of the Schwarz Group, we are giving packaging from private households a new lease of life. The results are household, gardening, and DIY products made using recycled plastic from PreZero.

More information at: https://prezero-international.com/en

The RESet PLASTIC logo on brown cardboard

REset Plastic

In line with our comprehensive REset Plastic strategy, we are advocating the vision of “less plastic – closed loops.” We are thereby rethinking plastic and conserving resources. We are doing this through smart design, avoidance, recycling and waste disposal, as well as innovation and education about plastic.

What also sets us apart 

Our PARKSIDE textile products are also certified and meet important quality and production standards. 

Kneeling with PARKSIDE Clothing
COTTON Made in Africa

Cotton made in Africa

The initiative is committed to fighting poverty and protecting the environment in Africa. Local cotton farmers are trained in efficient and sustainable farming methods. They help them to achieve better yields and to protect the environment and their health.

For more information, visit cottonmadeinafrica.org/massbalance an aid initiative by Trade Foundation.


GRS Logo

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

Products certified according to the Global Recycled Standard contain recycled material that has been independently verified at every stage of the supply chain, from the source to the end product. The facilities, from the source to the final supplier, have also met social, environmental, and chemical requirements.

For more information, visit https://textileexchange.org/recycled-claim-global-recycled-standard/




OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is the most well-known independent certification in the world for all kinds of textile and leather products that have been tested for harmful substances. It confirms that a product has been tested for more than 300 harmful substances and therefore poses no risk to health.

For more information, visit https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/apply-here/oeko-tex-standard-100


Garden accessories lie together with a plant pot on a wooden garden table.

Always room for improvement!

At PARKSIDE, we are always working to add even more certified alternatives to our assortment – by reducing the use of valuable resources even more and further increasing the proportion of recycled materials, for example.

Man uses a drilling machine on a wooden planting table

Discover our DIY projects

Interested in an upcycling adventure? Build your own DIY planting table with pallets – a real highlight and a practical tool for your (ECO LINE) garden projects.

*The following ECO LINE items have received an award in 2023: Double hoe, shovel, planting trowel, planting trowel for seeds, bulb planter, cultivator, multi-functional sprinkler, garden syringe, irrigation computer with double outlet, garden syringe with connection set, hose splitter set, water dispenser set, hose connections (13 – 15 mm), hose connections (19 mm), full-circle sprinkler, oscillating sprinkler.