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Two 12V batteries stand on a wooden tabletop

Let’s get started with X12V

You can do it! Complete everyday projects with speed and flexibility. Without tangled cables – and without long charging times.

Compact power without cables

X12V is our mobile battery system for handheld devices. Compact, ergonomic and in line with PARKSIDE’s highest quality standards. Flexibly switch between your PARKSIDE X12V battery devices with just one battery and charger. In this way, you save money and protect the environment at the same time.

  • Compact, ergonomic devices for light to medium work
  • 100% compatible with all products in the PARKSIDE X12V Team
  • Proven quality and safety for your workshop, home and garden
A 20 volt Bluetooth battery charger hovers over screws and metal shavings

One battery for over 20 devices

With the PARKSIDE X12V Team, you always have a compact, multitalented assistant at your side: from hammer drills to pruning shears. Different battery capacities from 2.0 to 5.0 ampere hours (Ah) give you the right runtime and power for every task.

A man stands in front of a factory shelf and types into his smartphone

Light and always available

Take on any project, wherever you are. The PARKSIDE X12V Team provides particularly compact and ergonomic everyday assistants that weight little. Convenient and cordless – for maximum freedom of movement.

Drilling into wood with a cordless drill screwdriver, chips are flying

Powerful technology at the best prices

Using the latest generation of lithium ion cells, our X12V batteries charge quickly and are particularly powerful. Strict safety and quality controls guarantee a long service life.

A 20 volt Bluetooth battery charger hovers over screws and metal shavings

Even more power with X20V

Trim the hedge or even break through an entire wall in one go: the X20V Team gives you the performance you need.