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An elderly woman with floppy hat and battery leaf blower in garden

It doesn’t get any greener than this!

Whether mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge or picking vegetables, there’s always plenty to do in the garden. Save yourself any trouble with our powerful range of PARKSIDE garden tools.

Everything for the garden

You’ll find the right tool for every garden task in the PARKSIDE range. Thanks to our tools, what was previously strenuous gardening work becomes a great way to enjoy the outdoors. And caring for your garden becomes a hobby that grows with your garden. You can do it!

A battery chainsaw stands on a wooden stump in front of other wooden stumps

Garden tools and equipment

An irrigation computer is mounted on a faucet in the garden, and a lawn sprinkler is watering in the background


A woman and a girl planting pots in front of a greenhouse in the garden


A woman and a girl open the lid of a lush raised bed on the balcony

Plant pots and accessories

A lawn mower stands in the sunny garden, behind it a flower bed can be seen

Lawn care

A hedge trimmer lies on the lawn in front of a hedge

Tree and shrub care

A woman plants colorful flowers in a flower box, gardening tools lie around her

Bed and soil cultivation

Outstanding quality at the best prices

As those of you with green fingers know, we mean business. To ensure your garden tools are up to the task for all your plans, we adhere to the strictest safety and quality controls. At the same time, you can be sure that you’re always buying products at the best possible price at PARKSIDE, without making any compromises on quality and performance. From leaf blowers to pruning shears, our selection of garden equipment is huge. And we’re adding to it every day so that you can continue tackling every task on your own in the future. Let’s get to work!

A 20 volt battery is shown abstractly in its individual parts

Power packs for every use

Our X20V and X12V battery technology offers you long-lasting power thanks to its high-quality lithium-ion cells. Selected according to the highest quality standards – and with an unbeatable three-year warranty.

A pressure washer stands on a wooden terrace in front of a lush garden

Get even more performance

PARKSIDE can do a lot. PARKSIDE PERFORMANCE even more. Discover our extra-high-performance product range and see what makes it so unique.

Two smartphones with view of PARKSIDE app device overview and logo screen

Whether iOS or Android

The PARKSIDE app awaits you! Use this app to connect your battery via Bluetooth® and your charger via Wi-Fi and create the optimal settings for your project. Ready to connect?

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