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Full battery power ahead

  • Latest technology
  • Highest quality standards
  • Long-lasting power

This is what we guarantee

This is where the highest level of performance meets maximum safety. Discover PARKSIDE’s battery technology and work with more flexibility, power and reliability in every task.

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Proven high quality

You have high standards. We place high standards on quality. We select the components of our X20V and X12V batteries according to the most stringent control and quality standards. This ensures power and safety in every project.

A 20 volt battery is shown abstractly in its individual parts

Only the best components

All battery components are perfectly adapted to each other. Since all battery cells are subject to certain fluctuations during production, we use particularly stringent selection criteria to ensure maximum safety and performance.

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Extra robust housing

Reliable and safe – inside and outside. The fibreglass-reinforced polyamide housing, which is protected against dust and impacts, reliably protects your X20V and X12V battery and makes it extra durable.

A man wearing safety goggles drills into a wooden slat with a 20 volt cordless impact drill while kneeling

See for yourself

Our batteries are made of high-quality lithium-ion cells. We use a special fully automated inspection process for monitoring of every process step and can trace it using the latest data matrix codes. In this way, we ensure safety and quality over the entire life cycle – and are happy to make the following guarantee: we provide a three-year warranty on all our batteries. 

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The battery technology that thinks for itself

PARKSIDE Active Battery Management reliably protects batteries against damage such as deep discharge, overvoltage, overheating and self-discharge. For this purpose, all safety-related parameters are continually monitored in every battery. PARKSIDE Cell Balancing ensures that all cells are evenly utilised. This increases the battery runtime and service life.

A 20 volt battery charger stands on a wooden surface in front of gray concrete

Chargers with plenty of power

Get the right charger for your battery. The high-performance power packs ensure that each battery is charged evenly. This significantly increases the lifespan of your battery. To ensure maximum safety, they automatically switch off when faults occur. Anti-slip rubber feet and an integrated wall mount give the charging stations maximum flexibility.

Our battery systems

A 12 volt battery, a jigsaw and a drill screwdriver stand on a wooden surface

One battery, limitless possibilities

Flexibly switch between tools and power different PARKSIDE battery devices with just one battery. The compact, ergonomic X12V Team includes over 20 compatible devices. In the high-performance X20V Team, one battery is compatible with over 100 devices. This not only saves you money, but also space and resources. That’s good for you and the environment, too.

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Charge smart, work smart

Performance or Balanced, Eco or Expert? Programme your smart charger by simply using the PARKSIDE App and configure the battery performance. This allows you to protect the battery cells in the best possible way and keep the battery in service for longer.

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Whether iOS or Android

The PARKSIDE app awaits you! Use this app to connect your battery via Bluetooth® and your charger via Wi-Fi and create the optimal settings for your project. Ready to connect?

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